Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2012 - A look back


2012 has ended, 2013 is here. Finally a new hockey season is upon us. I have started my Habs season preview series this week, but as 2012 comes to a close, I felt a look back to my 5 best stories of the year was in order.

Obviously, this is pretty subjective. It's my list of my stories. For obvious reasons, I have not included game stories (the bread an butter of "The Breakdown") in here. This is just the other types of stories I have presented over the year.

Some of these stories are here because they proved rather popular, some are here because I think I did pretty good job writing them, and some are here because for one reason or another they hold a special place for me.

If you haven't read these stories before, please take the opportunity to do so, and if you have, read them again, for the first time.

The stories are in no particular order.

HABS-TOWN: "Pat Burns got knocked out cold by a frozen Turkey!"

This was alot of fun for me. Pat Caporali spent a decade working the Montreal Sports scene on radio & TV - and a huge chunk of that time was devoted to covering the Habs, making her a certifiable expert on the subject and an integral part of Habs Town. Pat's answers to the Q+A were fun and engaging. A perfect example of why this is a popular feature on the site that I intend to continue into 2013. Read More

Gary "The Kid" Carter

Gary Carter was a big deal to me. I never really saw him play. I became a big time Expos fan after the game had passed him bye, but his passing earlier this year hit me hard, and personally. Read More

The Kaufman Show

I'm a big fan of Dave Kaufman and his late night show on TSN 690. "The Kaufman Show" airs only once weekly (Mondays, late night) and it certainly isn't enough. While the show is sometimes rough around the edges, Dave's personality shines right through. There is passion about sports, music and social issues teeming throughout every episode - and I believe it is that winning combo that has made those who listen in huge fans of the show.

But hey, don't just take my word for it, Juno winner Jeremy Taggart (the drummer for Our Lady Peace) wrote in just to tell me his thoughts on the show, and his passion for it. "I love The Kaufman Show for the fact that anything goes, the blend of sports with music and the culture of Montreal. I love being a regular!" Read More

HABS-TOWN: "It would be wrong to ride it out with those crap assets"

Brian Wilde is a passionate member of the Montreal media. Those who follow him on Twitter know that very well. Brian interacts with his followers on a daily basis, he offers up great guest shots on Randy Tieman's TSN 690 show, and he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Brian and I certainly do not agree on all things Habs, but I am a huge fan of his passion. Brian has also been very kind to myself, and my readers graciously offering up pertinent quotes when asked, and it all started with this fantastic edition of HABS-TOWN.

Dave Kaufman of TSN 690's "The Kaufman Show" wrote in to eloquently describe Brian Wilde:

"If you're reading this article you probably watch Brian Wilde on television or follow his @BWildeCTV account on twitter. If so, you know that he is honest, compassionate, thoughtful, and intelligent.

He's a great guy, and a very talented journalist. 

I feel very fortunate to call Brian a friend. Habs fans, you're lucky to have him." Read More

Futures present: Scott Gomez

Scott Gomez is overpaid. There's no nice way to say it. There were two teams however - New York and Montreal - that saw some value in him. New York gave him the contract to start, and later the Habs picked it up. Whether Canadiens' brass at the time felt he was overpaid or not could be up for debate. What cannot be debated however, is that Canadiens brass felt that Scott Gomez could be their number 1 Center to replace Saku Koivu. So What happened? Read More

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