Thursday, 24 November 2011

First Posting

Hello readers - both of you.

This will be my first official post on the blog. There is nothing pertinent to say, just a welcome. I hope that people actually read what I put here and that it isn't just effort for efforts sake.

Below, I posted an article I wrote a year back when Scott Gomez decided to take on Saku Koivu's number.At the time younger hockey fans in Montreal were in an uproar and the older generation just didn't get it. I tried to summarize the situation as best I could, and emailed it out to anyone I thought might be interested. A number of people wrote back and I have included their comments in the comments section - I hope they don't mind.

Please feel free to add to their comments. My first post-game breakdown will arrive shortly after the Habs/Flyers game on Friday November 24th. Puck drop at 3:00pm.

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