Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Carey's new Price

Did you know that Carey Price, at only 24 years of age, is already 7th on the Canadiens' list of all times games played (271) and 7th for wins by a goalie? (124)

It's an interesting stat. By now everyone reading this knows that over the busy Canada Day weekend, GM Marc Bergevin extended Carey Price to a 6-year $39 million dollar deal. The contract will keep the Goalie with the Montreal Canadiens until he's 30 years old.

"It kind of made sense to me," Price told various media on a conference call from his B.C. home. "It will take me to until I'm 30 years old and generally that's about the peak of goaltenders, so I'm hoping by then to have a couple of Stanley Cups and have a good re-negotiation".

What you also likely know by now is that an AAV of $6.5 million per-season, this contract makes Carey Price the third most expensive goalie in the NHL - Behind Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875Mill) and Pekka Rinne (7 Mill). What you're probably still trying to figure out is, is he worth the money?

At 24, Carey Price is the youngest of the three (Lunqvist, 30 & Rinne, 29). Price still has room to grow, whereas King Herny and Pekka are right in the prime of their careers. (Generally accepted to be between the ages of 27-33 for a professional athlete).

The three goalies have played on teams of varying success over the last few years. Over the past 3 season, Price has won 77 games, has a GAA of 2.48, and a sv% of .918. In the same time span, Henrik Lundqvist has won 110 games, has a GAA of 2.22, and a sv% of .924. Pekka Rinne meanwhile has won 108 games, held a 2.34GAA, and saved .922% of the shots he's faced.

Wins aside, generally a team attributable stat, Price's numbers - while not quite as strong - are in the same stratosphere as those of Rinne and Lundqvist. Price is also 5 years younger than either goalie. When Price's new deal is running out he'll be the same age as Lundqvist and Rinne currently are, and he'll likely be making more scratch than either of them.

In a press conference yesterday, GM Marc Bergevin wasn't shy about his feelings on his star netminder. "I think Carey brings what we need moving forward. He's a top goalie in the league, a young goalie, and with having him in the net for the next six years I think it gives our team a chance to be competitive, and moving forward I think it was a key for us to have Carey in Montreal."

Next up on GM Marc Bergevin's docket is negotiating with PK Subban, who is currently an RFA. The two sides are reported to be working on a long-term extension.

At the press conference yesterday, Bergevin was asked the usual questions about Scott Gomez, and he bluntly laid the matter to rest, for the moment. "Scott is a member of the Canadiens. He is a part of our team. He will be at training camp."

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