Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I'm back. At least I'm working to be.
The wheels are in motion. The gears are turning...and just in time for training camp.
The Habs training camp opened up today with physicals for all the invitees. The players will take to the ice for the first time tomorrow, and the puck will drop on the first pre-season games this weekend.

It's all very exciting - but not really.

Other news in the sporting world has been keeping sports mind in Montreal here very busy, and that's the focus of the day here.

Baseball is back in Montreal.

Well sort of.

The Toronto Blue Jays - a team that voted to contract the Montreal Expos in 2002 - are coming to Montreal's Olympic Stadium to play a series of exhibition games in March of 2014. Almost 10 full years after Major League Baseball ripped out my heart, and moved my team to Washington. Like many others, I didn't forget that the Blue Jays voted to contract the Expos, so why would I go to these games? Major League Baseball left me standing on a curb, why would I support them? The Big O is a vile, decrepit place. It's gloomy, it's gray, and it has no life. Why would anyone want to spend a minute of time there?

For the love of the game. That's why.

I want nothing more than to see another Major League team in Montreal. I want nothing more than to be able to sit outside on a hot summer's day and glance out at the Jacques Cartier bridge while eating a steamie, sipping a beer and hearing the crack of a bat. I want it to happen, as to do you. I'm a realist, and even with the great efforts of Warren Cromartie, Annakin Slayd, and the Boys at ExposNation it's still a pipe dream - but we can afford to dream, can't we?

Do you wanna see Major League Baseball in Montreal again? Dare we continue to dream? Momentum has been building for the past year, let's keep it going with two sellouts in that awful stadium in March - for exhibition games! Keep the dream alive.....look to the future!

Play Ball!

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