Wednesday, 28 December 2011

"Je suis tres content"

The Canadiens dominated the Ottawa Senators in Ottawa last night is the likely the story you read this morning. A quick glance at the score (6-2 Montreal) would agree with the assessment, but had you watched the game the story line unfolded slightly differently. 

Early on, the game was a tale of two goalies, Carey Price at one end and Craig Anderson the other. Ottawa out shot Montreal 13-5 in the first period, yet trailed 2-1 going into the intermission. By the time Anderson was pulled 2:03 into the second he'd allowed 4 goals on 7 shots and the damage was done.

The Canadiens had a much better effort in period 2 as they peppered the Ottawa netminders with 16 shots, however Ottawa matched that effort sending 16 the way of Carey Price as well.

The Canadiens certainly did not dominate the Senators from my vantage point. What they did do is put in a solid effort (particularly in the second and third periods). Much as they did to start against Chicago. The bounces this time were with them so they staked a big lead.

The difference between this game and the one in Chicago is that the Canadiens didn't crumple. There weren't many passengers last night. Perhaps they would have played the same way if Craig Anderson hadn't been so ghastly, perhaps not. We'll see what happens when they take on another team on a skid in Tampa Bay on Thursday.

*****apologies for the abbreviated nature of this entry. I am rather ill with a case of Penumonia. I hope you enjoyed my short entry anyhow******

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