Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sleepy California

Dear Coach Jacques,

It is my understanding that last night you and your team were playing a game on the west coast. Now, I know that for you and your boys it was only seven pm, but for your faithful fans watching at home the game was starting at ten.

I like you Coach Jacques, really, I do. I think you've taught your players excellent defensive structure. The penalty kill gave up 2 goals last night - but it's running at 96% over it's last 50 attempts, amazing. Your players seem to give a great effort on most nights, and you generally give well thought out answers to questions.

In that vain, I have questions for you on the Canadiens performance last night in Anaheim. Hopefully you can give me some well thought out answers.

 1. Mathieu Darche has 1 point in 25 games this season - with 29:19 spent on the power play! What is he doing there?

2. Your power play is anemic and hasn't scored in almost a month, why does Andrei Kostitsyn (who has 10 pts in in 15 games) continue to sit on the bench? If it's because you seem him as being defensively irresponsible, I understand Coach, but on a power play I wouldn't worry about it (you have an extra man on the ice!)

3. The Ducks had lost seven in a row going into this game, and notoriously are terrible in the first 8 minutes of games (-24 on the season) why didn't your team attack them immediately? The ducks looked like they didn't care either way AND even after a win fired their coach, you needed to go for the throat.

4. With 3 consecutive power plays in the first period not working, why not try something new?

The good news for you, Coach, is you have a chance to get right back at it tonight. Hopefully you have your team ready to attack early, and defend when necessary. If not coach, I'm starting to have doubts that your California trip will be ending Sunday.

Wow. that was tiring.

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